The Principles Of Goal Setting Applied

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How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case?

AHIMA is the not-for-profit membership-based healthcare association representing more than 100,000 health information management (HIM) and informatics professionals who work in morethan 40 different types of entities related to our nation’s public health and healthcare industry.The Roadmap is aimed at building “an interoperable health IT ecosystem” and calls for “work in 3 critical pathways: (1) Requiring standards; (2) Motivating the use of those standards through appropriate incentives; and (3) Creating a trusted environment for the collecting, sharing, and using of electronic health information.”(p. 4)These efforts align very closely with AHIMA’sStrategy, “Drive the Power of Knowledge — Health Information Where and When It’s Needed,”aimed to:1. Ensure information governance and standards for electronic health information;2. Contribute to sound healthcare decision-making through analytics, informatics and decision support; and3. Empower consumers to optimize their health through management of their person health information. 2

· How are the principles of job enrichment applied in this case?

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