The Principles Of Goal Setting

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How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case? The principles of goal setting were applied in this case by identifying the ever growing changing healthcare industry. The HIS department identified the need to create an achievement to reach the goal of switching from paper patient records to paperless electronic patient records. Due to the change in technology, new coding for diseases (ICD-10) it was imperative to remain up to date in their processes. Switching from a paper record keeping format is much more entailed than maintaining a paper patient health record. They needed to establish specific parameters in which to operate by. The department set descriptive business goals that enabled them to respond to each achievement in a measurable way. They established time sensitive goals in order to be prepared for the launch of ICD-10 by October 1, 2015 in the US. They knew there were valid reasons this change needed to occur, and knew it was not wise to keep employees working harder and not smarter. They also were aware of the need to be flexible due to the federal regulations that change throughout the year, from payment systems to new time lines to pay providers. All of these changes meant it was imperative to create system that and environment embraced change. How are the principles of job enrichment applied in this case? In this particular case, although the job structure was redesigned, since this was a new undertaking, and had many new variables, such

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