The Principles Of Info Security

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CIS2005- Principles of Info Security Assignment 3 - CASE STUDY REPORT Submitted by Submitted to Mrunal Shah Michel Lane USQ ID: 0061065914 Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Background and Problem Analysis 1 The Background 1 The Problem: Transaction Malleability 2 Threat Analysis 3 1. Spoofing 3 2. Man-in-the-Middle 4 Vulnerabilities Assessment 5 Penetration Testing 7 Dependencies and Success Factors 7 Asset Dependencies 7 Service Dependencies 8 Recommendations 9 References 11 Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to analyze security vulnerabilities, evaluate the capabilities of current system to counter threats and to provide the possible mechanisms to secure the information from potential risks for internet based bitcoin exchange system of BigCoinX (BCX) and company is serious about their exchange’s security, because the exchange is based on internet so they are more worried about the potential risks of hacking their website which could drastically harm their image. Now a day’s customer personal information security is an integral part of every company’s information security plan which operates on internet whether big or small. In recent times there have been many hacking attacks on websites like Gmail (). resulting in the loss of the user information. BCX’s is also concerned because they operate a currency exchange online and if any breach in the system happens they would
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