The Principles Of Job Enrichment

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Within Elizabeth Layman’s case study, there is much information to be gained on their use of Goal Setting and Job Design within the Expanded HIM Functions of the health care delivery system. Within this analysis I will be going over how the principles of goal setting were applied to this case, how the principles of job enrichment applied to this case, the outcomes of job enrichment, and finally the impact that the job enrichment had on motivation and communication within the HIM Departments. With answering the first question that was posed, Layman recognizes that “in HIM Departments, work changes over time” and “changes in work include its nature of work, its flow and scheduling, relationships among workers, technologies, policies and procedures, volumes of tasks, and types of tasks. Changes in work can result from events or changes in the pace of tasks or services” (Layman, 2011). This is the first step within the act of goal setting for the whole HIM Departments; without first understanding the nature of what is needing to be changed, there can be no goals that are to be set. Layman goes on to talk about how the HIM Departments are in need of job enrichment. This understanding is acquired from seeing the level of work and attitude that has been coming out of the employees within this industry and company. Layman realizes that they need to eliminate boredom, careless errors, tardiness, absenteeism, and get rid of low moral within their company as well as a few other…

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