The Principles Of Management And Leadership Essay

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An introduction to the principles of management and leadership, as the foundations for the Administration of health care product and services are delivery. Medical and Health Services Mangers, also called: Health and Social Service Manager, Nurse Manager, Office Manager, Program Mangers. Fields are related to leadership, management and administration of public health systems, health care systems, hospitals, and hospital networks. Some of the duties, are planning, directing, or coordinating medical and health services. Other type of job duties, are conducting and administering the fiscal operations, including accounting, planning budgets, authorizing expenditures, establishing rates for services, and coordinating financial reporting. Direct, supervise and evaluate work activities of medical, nursing, technical, clerical, services, maintenance, and volunteers. Big important job duty is maintain current and accurate communication between governing boards, medical staff, and interpersonal department. Department heads by attending board meetings and coordinating interdepartmental functions. Education varies depending on the job field and responsibilities of the Administrator. Bachelor’s Degree is required. However, usually a Mater Degree is preference how it could essential, to peruse high paying job with more responsibilities and higher salary. Knowledge of business and customer services, English language, law and government, public safety and security, and medicine is
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