The Principles Of Problem Based Learning

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“Project-based learning” is a vigorous methodology to teaching, where students are able to investigate real-life situations. Using these type methods with proactive and engrossing learning, students are stimulated to acquire more in-depth comprehension of the subjects in which they are studying. With a subject such as the US Constitution teachers are confronted with learning material that may have no social relevance to them at the present time, which translate into boredom for the students. When students are bored or disconnected from the learning material are less likely to be proactive or exciting learning the subject. In problem based learning educators have an opportunity to present the subject at hand in a manner that offers students the prospect to learn about subject with real life situation. The students can learn how to apply the rights listed in the Constitutional in a real life situation. Using this method the students learn how the constitution applies to individuals’ rights, the objective and purpose of the United States Constitution.
In this paper, this author will propose activities that employ the principles of problem-based learning to students learning the Constitution within a culturally relevant and collaborative learning experience which using the 21st century skills of creativity and innovation. Additionally, this author will then create a general plan for this problem-based learning experience, which includes a problem-based learning perspective…
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