The Principles Of Project Management

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Introduction NTCP Model is closely related to PMBOK principles of project management, it incorporates the basic belief and put forward a framework for addressing risk and uncertainties within project management domain. This model has been formulated by undertaking serious research involving multiple dimensions. Henceforth, the model presents a solid framework to understand basic project elements and map them accordingly to understand what type of methodologies and skill set will be required by the project manager to effectively manage the project meet its outcome objectives. Using the clear approach provided by NTCP model towards dealing with risk or uncertainty makes the model very effective. Furthermore, key element is that model can…show more content…
Project Management Maturity and NTCP Model According to Sauser, Reilly, and Shenhar (2009) every project is unique and should be management accordingly with a specific methodology. My approach to understand the project unique dynamics is through application of NTCP model however, it application will vary according to the project management maturity within the organization. I am fully cognizant of the fact and will tailor its application accordingly. NTCP model not just enables managers to understand embedded risk rather it assists opportunities and gap within current capacity against the required to grab the opportunities. Therefore the capability of NTCP model to map the risk and inform the gap is another key element that I will be using to apply within my organization. Using this capability progress through the project management maturity level would become more systematic with a higher ratio of project success. NTCP model can be used as a governance framework for each project that is being initiated within my organization, the model established as regulation would deliver lot of effectiveness for project manager. According to Shenhar and Dvir (2007) addresses both hard aspects of the management alongside soft management pillars. Using the model consistently across organization, will add more capabilities and experience within to manage more complex project
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