The Principles Of Responsible Management Education Essay

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Book Scope This collaborative text profiles cutting-edge approaches to learning and teaching for the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) that go beyond the current discussions of sustainability and corporate social responsibility content, to include a wider lens that highlights the processes of educating the next generation of responsible managers within and beyond the boundaries of higher education. A unique aspect of this book is that each chapter integrates original content from academic authors, together with commentary from practising managers. This collaborative approach allows the voices of both academia and business to be heard in education for responsible management. This text aims to provide comprehensive and detailed coverage of pedagogical practices and tools used by RME educators around the world, drawing together leading thinkers, and management educators in this field, to share their practice, primary research and scholarship on this topic. The book is structured in two parts that together overview the six themes that constitute the Principles of Responsible Management Education. For details regarding the chapters and the proposal guidelines see below. Book Outline Part 1 offers the context for Responsible Management Education (RME) and considers questions relating to the first three PRME themes - purpose, values and method. 1. Review of RME literature/information in both academic and business contexts: What’s the relevant research
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