The Principles Of Servant Leadership

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The purpose of this paper is to Select and research a contemporary political, social, religious, or business, leader to learn about how the leader employs Greenleaf 's principles of servant leadership to motivate, influence, and lead others. Summary of the principles of servant leadership employed by Joel Osteen. According to the reflection of on Joel Osteen’s latest book; Become a Better you, by Horton, (2017) Osteen employees several servant leadership’s principles. For example, Healing is an obvious principle that Osteen invests in his followers to discover their invaluable values that the Lord planted in them and to use these values to enhance their negative habits (p. 1-2). Also, Osteen encourages his followers to listen and…show more content…
Examples to illustrate the Osteen 's application of servant leadership principles. listen and understand others Osteen believes if we listen attentively and embrace the first 30 seconds of our conversation positively with others without criticism or accusing, the rest of our talking will be successful and effective. Words have a magic in creating a motivational bridge with others (Gallo, 2007). Healing According to Gallo (2007) Osteen improves his habits to show others their favorable side in their personalities. So, Osteen asks his followers to make this habit as a daily habit to help others to feel satisfied and happy about themselves. Conceptualization Osteen explains Parents’ role represents an effective area where children can choose their destination successfully with low percentage of failure. The parents’ experience plays an essential step for the children to anticipate the future and have a sufficient idea how to face its challenge. Clearly, this method reflects Osteen’s (Gallo, 2007). Growth Through his self-help books and personal motivation, Joel Osteen is an enlightening example of growth and development in others. In his book, “Starting Your Best Life Now: A Guide for New Adventures and Stages on Your Journey”, Joel Osteen discusses ways to develop ourselves through positive thinking and self-help practices. “I CHALLENGE YOU TO BREAK OUT OF THE “BARELY
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