The Principles Of Teamwork, Leadership Practices, And How These Influenced Business Outcomes Essay

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Once known for quality automobiles, Volkswagen is now perceived as a global corporation that deliberately deceived the U.S. government and defrauded customers. In this paper our team investigated the principles of teamwork, leadership practices, and how these influenced business outcomes. Research indicated that Volkswagen’s corporate culture has not always been the best. Dictatorial executive leadership and a culture where “success at all costs” outweighed ethics created an environment hostile to team input and management evading personal responsibility for decisions. Our research illustrated that the leadership in Volkswagen displayed a lack of honesty, morals, and personal integrity that in turn undermined the corporate culture, this lead to the unethical decision by teams to devise a strategy to bypass environmental regulations. This behavior was known to management, was covered up, resulted in losses of exceeding eighteen billion dollars, and forced the resignation of the CEO.

Our analysis shows Volkswagen displayed effective leadership in solving the problem of meeting diesel emission test compliance; unfortunately the solution was an unethical approach to circumvent the test. Leadership both influenced the approach and supported obfuscating the fraudulent behavior before the government and public. Leading to our conclusions that the organization suffered short-term impacts included an executive shake up in the organization, multiple legal actions, and a decline in
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