The Principles Of The American Constitution

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The principles of the American constitution base it’s ideals on Judeo-Christian beliefs and morals. Laws against murder, adultery, theft and practices deemed “unholy” were instituted with belief these guidelines and restrictions would create a stable but more importantly, prosperous nation economically and socially. However, nearing the 1920’s these rules were challenged in their purity and importance which lead many to question the doctrine of the ideal lifestyle those involved in religious practice encourage known as The American Dream. In F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby, the priority of religion is examined and presumed fraudulent and venal because of the double standard it creates and an array of corrupt, judgmental and immoral ideologies. Primarily, the socio-economic barriers that restrict many from success are sustained by the judgmental pressure corrupt fate and religion entails. In addition, the American Dream is meretricious in it’s aura, and individuals seeking after prosperity often overlook the integrity of the Dream because of the exposure to a single-sided hypnotizing appearance they lust after so intensely. Furthermore, those who are only aware of the beauty the American Dream and subsequently the morals of religion that they mold themselves attempting to achieve social status and wealth in a fashion so dramatic and farcical that the morals they initially found appealing become immoral and corrupt and the infatuation with this cynical behaviour
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