The Principles Of The Code And The Guide

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The Purpose of the CODE and the GUIDE
The objective of the Code is to lay out the ethical commitments made by the aged care systems in addition to the legal obligations that have to be complied. The main aims of the code is - identify and lay out the values that are the basis of the conduct and practice of Aged Care facilities provided under the Aged Care Act;
- Clearly lay down the organization’s commitment towards providing care in a manner that is fully respectful of basic human values and its obligation to continuous improvement
- recognize the standards of conduct and practice, including their ethical foundations, which the community, staff and residents of residential Aged Care services can look forward to with respect to all areas of care provision; and
- provide a basis which will equip aged care organizations to draft written protocols which will support and inform the manner in which care is provided under the Code and the Guide (Aged Care Act 1997).
This three stage purpose of the code clearly mentions how to proceed ethically: Firstly, there is a Code which details all the fundamental human values & rights that have to be protected. Secondly there is the Guide which explains the limits of “rights” in reference to the responsibilities all partners towards running an aged care ethically. And last, aged cares are encouraged to give more specific guidelines in the way care is actually delivered in critical areas by drafting of written protocols that…
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