The Principles Of The Code And The Guide

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The Purpose of the CODE and the GUIDE The objective of the Code is to lay out the ethical commitments made by the aged care systems in addition to the legal obligations that have to be complied. The main aims of the code is - identify and lay out the values that are the basis of the conduct and practice of Aged Care facilities provided under the Aged Care Act; - Clearly lay down the organization’s commitment towards providing care in a manner that is fully respectful of basic human values and its obligation to continuous improvement - recognize the standards of conduct and practice, including their ethical foundations, which the community, staff and residents of residential Aged Care services can look forward to with respect to…show more content…
Strategy behind developing the CODE The Code was drafted in respect with the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities that has already been drafted and included in the Aged Care Act 1997. The major principles in the Code relies on fundamental human rights instruments and it recognizes all values that form the base of ethical conduct and behavior in aged care facilities. It represents these values as human rights and commits those who follow it to protect the rights of the residents at all times: i. right to be treated with respect; ii. Rights of the resident to life, liberty, and security; iii. Right to have their religious and cultural identity respected; iv. Right of competent residents to self-determination; v. Right to an appropriate standard of care to meet individual needs; vi. Right to privacy and confidentiality of residents information; vii. The recognition that human beings are social beings with social needs. viii. These rights will be protected no matter how frail, physically or mentally disabled, or financially, socially or psychologically vulnerable, the resident may be (Aged care act 1997). This part of the Code was inserted in a way that would address the eugenic impulse to treat older and particularly vulnerable elderly as less worthy of care and respect than other people of the community. Moreover, the Code clearly states that “that all partners in the delivery of Aged Care
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