The Principles Of The Lean Philosophy Essay

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Lean’s purpose is “The core idea is to expand client value while minimizing waste. Basically, lean means generating more value for consumers with less resources. There are five steps to the lean philosophy. First is watching value by item from the viewpoint of the end client. Second, identify all steps in the value stream for each product or item family and wherever possible eliminate the steps that do not make and add value. Third, build the steps in the quality stream operate in tight sequence so the product will flow easily to the consumers. Fourth, as the product flow is introduced, let the customer pull value from the value stream. Fifth, seek perfection by diminishing the quantity of steps and amount of time needed to serve and reach the consumers. Henry Ford is credited with implementing the first lean production model in 1913 by combining the thought of using replaceable parts in an assembly line rather than having skilled/ talented workers fit each part into the automobile when the time had come to do so in the manufacturing process. Likewise, Motor Company could drop the retail cost on an automobile by implementing Lean Ford, and the people who work at there could manage the cost of one, something unheard of at the time, the company could overturn inventory during just a few days. Then in 1930, Kiichiro Toyoda discovered that the problem of product variety could be solved by modifying the philosophy only slightly. The modification had begun from individual machines
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