The Principles, Sequences And Stages Of A Child 's Growth And Development

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The principles, sequences and stages of a child 's growth and development. This includes Social development, Physical Development, Intellectual development and communication development. Physical development outlines the basic body changes which you begin to develop such as fine motor skills, which is like writing and so on. This also includes social development, where you will meet new people everyday and interact with them, and become more involved in the relationships you will share with others. Emotional development where you will be understanding and learning how to express your feelings and emotions that you 're experiencing. Intellectual development also known as cognitive where you begin understanding and learning of new things around you. Communication development where you will develop your speech skills and learn how to let others take their turn to speak and voice their opinions.
All children develop in the three areas. Child development is undergoing changes in physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Cognitive development is the procedure of actually learning how to think and getting knowledge and the understanding of how the world works. It 's developing your memory. This works on developing your problem solving skills. Emotional development, is the understanding of emotions and how they express themselves. Social development is learning an understanding of the different skills you need to communicate successfully with others. Physical
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