The Principles of Marketing

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Principles of Marketing: Marketing basically involves a series of processes that focus on determining customers' wants and then providing the necessary product to them. This process can also be regarded as the procedure of developing and implementing initiatives that are geared toward identifying, expecting, and satisfying the wants and demands of customers in a way that also generates profits. Marketing not only contains several important principles but it also consists of four major elements that are commonly known as the 4P's. The four main elements of marketing that are also known as the marketing mix are product, pricing, promotion, and place. Through the marketing process, the major goal of all marketers is to establish more value for customers. In order to create such value to customers, there is need for managers to understand the marketing principles that are crucial for effective marketing strategies and practices. Creation of Customer Value: The leading and best marketers across the globe have a major thing in common i.e. they have focused on the customer as the heart of their marketing strategies and practices. The modern marketing process basically revolves around the development of customer value and profitable relationships with customers. This process begins with the identification and understanding of the needs and wants of customers, detecting the organization's most suitable target markets, and creating an appealing value proposition that attracts

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