The Principles of Power and Conflict in relationship

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Tiffany Carlos
Mr. Baker
Communication 2
4 Nov. 2013
The Principles of Power and Conflict in Relationships As relationships are formed we establish power dominances in any kind of relationship such as friendship, love, family, and in the workplace. I believe that the roles of who has power are changing in every type of relationship. Change might be welcome but as roles are changing not all support changes in the relationships such as in the workplace, and family. The principle of power comes in play most of the time in a workplace enlivenment. Since there are different types of relationship there are different role, rules, and characteristics in every relationship. Characteristics in relationships such as a relationship of love,
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Although there are many theories of love, the conceptualization that captured attention of interpersonal researchers and continues to receive research support is a model proposing that there are not one but six types of love (Lee, 1976; Kanemasa, Taniguchi, Daibo & Ishimori, 2004). Eros: beauty and sexuality, like narcissus that fell in love with the beauty of his own image, the erotic lover focuses on beauty and physical attractiveness. Ludus: entertainment and excitement, love is experienced as a game, as fun. Storage: peaceful and slow, lacks passion and intensity. Pragma: practical and traditional, practical and seeks a relationship that will work. Mania: elation and depression, characterized by extreme highs and extreme lows. Agape: compassionate and selfless, egoless, self-giving love. Depending on which one is the type of love relationship you have you can have the power in the relationship. The type of love relationship we have can be influenced by culture, gender, and technology. Depending in what culture you were raised in may highly impact on what type of love relationship you have. For example the French scored higher on agape compassionate and selfless, egoless, self-giving love (Murstein, Merighi, & Vyse, 1991). United States scored higher on storage and mania than the French, peaceful, slow, elation and depression. Gender also influences love relationships. The difference between men and women are
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