The Printing Revolution In Europe

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Prior to the printing revolution Europe was arguably as advanced as the rest of the world and very similar. Religion was the guide to most people’s lives and prior to the 15th century very few challenged it. The same could be said for Europe. Europe was a continent largely dominated by the Catholic church. The Catholic Church had its fingers everyone and questioning of the beliefs of the Catholic church was unacceptable. Along with that individual thought was limited. In the 15th Century the Printing revolution changed Europe forever making it resemble what we think of Europe as Europe today. How did Europe Become this way through the Printing revolution? Due to the Printing Revolution it allowed the Scientific revolution/the enlightenment the Reissuance and the reformation to act as mechanism for Individualism and modernity. Prior to the Printing Revolution the way information spread in Europe was through people rewriting books, and mainly the copied the Bible. The Printing press was invented in 1450s, the press way invented by Johannes Gutenberg a German man. By 1450 there were many more printing presses around the world, Italy had (80), Germany (52), France (43). That doesn’t seem like many but just enough to change the fabric of Europe. The Scientific Revolution Occurred starting in 1543. “Scientific Revolution" refers to historical changes in thought & belief, to changes in social & institutional organization, that unfolded in Europe between roughly 1550-1700;
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