The Prison Industrial Complex Feels Like A Dirty Phrase

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The prison industrial complex feels like a dirty phrase, an almost unspoken taboo in this world. However, unlike most taboos, it is an unspoken taboo. No one likes to discuss the oppresion that is happening to a group of marginalized people. It is slavery, and unfortunately there is no other way to phrase it. Prisoners are being put to work, for cents an hour. They are being kept in cages, the conditions of which are atrocious, and then are let out for just enough activity and roaming time so they do not lose their sanity, and are forced to work for a nominal wage. It is a blatant disrespect of the rights of thousands. These men and women may have committed a crime, but the punishment generally does not fit the crime. Prisoners are forced…show more content…
The PIC does not only affect black bodies but all people of color, immigrants, and queer folks.” This description illustrates why the PIC needs to be a top priority for any victim of institutional oppression. Basically any one who is not wealthy and white, and in some cases, male as well, is bound to suffer at the hands of the American Justice system. It was a system made by white men who chose not to consider women and people of color. Along with being the controlling demographic, white men saw an oppurtunity to retain the ‘free’ labor that they decided to build this country on. Through the Thirteenth Amendment and racism, America found itself growing on the bodies of young black men. In an almost unbelievable process of criminalization and capitlization, the govenrment filtered drugs into poor, black neigborhoods to spark the war on drugs which would later result in mass incarceration fueled by the three strikes law allowing for an entire lifetime’s worth of ‘free’ labor in privatized federal prisons. The documentary Thirteenth states that the film Birth of A Nation was the birth of America’s effort towards criminalizing black people, and in specifics black men. With this blockbuster prototype, that essentially grabbed the nation’s attention in frenzy. This film while gaining all

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