The Prisoner of Zenda

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Chapter 1 (Rudolf Rassendyll)
The story unfolds with Rose (Rudolf Rassendyll`s sister-in-law), telling Rassendyll that he needs to get himself a job. Rudolf`s brother (Robert), finds an interesting job for him as an “attaché” to Sir Jacob Borrodaile. Borrodaile will be the Ambassador of Ruritania in six months` time. Ruritania, located in central Europe is the only country, Rudolf has not visited. So, he feels happy with the idea. Rudolf decides to witness the coronation of King Rudolf the Fifth in Strelsau, the capital of Ruritania.

Chapter 2 (Rassendyll Arrive in Zenda)
Rassendyll travels by train from London. The train stops at Paris, where he meets his old friend, George. Rassendyll sees Antoinette de Mauban, a rich widow, who
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The impersonating King (Rassendyll) meets the beautiful Princess Flavia and the evil Duke Michael. Rassendyll feels discomfort with Princess Flavia`s presence. She notices a slight difference in the King. Rassendyll makes his presence in the palace.

Chapter 7 (Where is the King?)
Rassendyll and Sapt go through a secret passageway under the palace into a quiet street. They leave Zenda on horses.

Sapt realizes that they are followed by Duke and Max Hoff (Johann`s brother). They reach the hunting lodge and find out that the old woman is gone and Josef (the royal servant) is dead. The real King is no longer in the lodge. He is missing!

Chapter 8 (Rassendyll Must Return to Strelsau as King)
Rassendyll urges Colonel Sapt to rescue the real King from Black Michael. But Sapt remains calm and explains the situation to Rassendyll. They must return to Strelsau at once and Rassendyll must continue to act as the King. Otherwise, Black Michael will inform the people that the King is a drunkard and he would be the next king. Colonel Sapt explains further that as long as Rassendyll acts as the King of Ruritania, the real king will remain safe. Black Michael cannot kill the real king. Rassendyll and Colonel Sapt teach a lesson to the group of eight horsemen. They killed three of them. Rassendyll`s finger is injured by a bullet.

Chapter 9 (The Famous Six)
Rassendyll and Sapt reach Strelsau safely. Rassendyll carries out the King`s duties. Fritz informs them that Black Michael is
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