The Prisons By Doris Lessing

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Human behavior is influenced by several factors and guidelines that apply differently in various situations. We are continually obliged to act in a specific manner, or to stay away from certain behaviors. These principles can either be formal or informal rules. Formal rules include laws of the land, whereas informal rules are the morals and social ethics that guide various communities which may not need to be written down, but are constrained within self. This paper, therefore, seeks to focus on the factors that influence the human thoughts and actions in reference to Doris Lessing book, ‘The prisons we choose to live in’. The actions and reasoning of human beings is guided by a combination of several factors such as moral rules, social…show more content…
Rule breaking conduct is not the aftereffect of an intentional act; sometimes it may be as a result of a subconscious act (Lessing 1987). Consequently, the way people think and act is directly affected. Attitudes and behaviors Attitude is a major factor that largely influences the thinking of people. Generally, it is believed that by any chance you change somebody 's attitudes, then; their behavior will likewise change to fall in accordance with those changes. The impacts of the social media on the on the attitudes and behaviors is enormous. Mass media affects the people’s attitude towards societal issues through music, advertisements, gender roles and violence. An extensive number of variables will influence those attitudes. A change in attitude towards some of these issues can ultimately influence the actions and thinking of people. The behavior and attitudes of people determine a lot of the decisions that they make (Lessing, 1987). The society is willing to accept or entertain the irrational beliefs, thus, the society 's attitude towards irrational decisions influences a lot on the way individual think and act. Habits A habit is a routine thing that tends to be repeated regularly and it tends to occur unconsciously. The precognitive capacity of the human being is limited. We can just consider a specific number of things at once. Habits enable us to manage circumstances that we have experienced before, without involving a
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