The Prisons By Doris Lessing

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Human behavior is influenced by several factors and guidelines that apply differently in various situations. We are continually obliged to act in a specific manner, or to stay away from certain behaviors. These principles can either be formal or informal rules. Formal rules include laws of the land, whereas informal rules are the morals and social ethics that guide various communities which may not need to be written down, but are constrained within self. This paper, therefore, seeks to focus on the factors that influence the human thoughts and actions in reference to Doris Lessing book, ‘The prisons we choose to live in’. The actions and reasoning of human beings is guided by a combination of several factors such as moral rules, social conventional guidelines, attitudes, habits and mindsets. Social media in particular, impacts a lot on these factors.
Moral rules and social conventional guidelines Moral rules exist to protect our own welfare, and the welfare of other people and the privileges of other individuals around us. On the other hand, social-conventional guidelines simply exist, so that our systems can continue functioning easily. There is a big difference between social convention rule and moral rules. Transgressions of the moral rules bring about direct encroachments of individuals ' rights and welfare. Nowadays, social media has affected some of the morals that societies believed in either positively or negatively. As a result morality and social guidelines…
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