The Prius Of The Toyota Prius

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This ad comes from People’s Magazine. It attempts to sell the Toyota Prius. This ad promotes the Prius as a car that is environmentally friendly and adventurous by utilizing imagery. In addition, this ad attempts to form a connection between the reader and the Prius by showing off how their all different, “Just like us.” This ad targets middle aged males and females who love nature and view themselves as individuals. Really, many people can fit into this broad niche, and thus placement in People’s Magazine is perfect for this ad. It can be assumed this ad does not directly target the elderly because most elderly would not be looking to go on adventures through the wilderness, as implied by this ad. Furthermore, most elderly are not…show more content…
The ad makes the logical argument that these cars are all a little different, whether it be their age or just size. After making this point, the ad goes onto claim that these cars are different, “Just like us.” Both of these points are true, and as a result create a logical chain. These cars are different, and we are different, right? By relating the Prius to humanity, this logic ends up slightly personifying it, and seems to almost be attempting to trick the reader into showing this car affection, making buying one seem less like buying a car, and more like a buying pet. In the end, logos in this ad relies on solid claims, but the effect it has on the potential customer is anything but logical. Ethos in this ad relies entirely on the Prius’s mother company: Toyota. This car brand is easily recognizable among America, and is one of the most trusted manufacturers around. With a company networth of 236 billion dollars, this is no surprise. This ad attempts to create a connection between the Prius and Toyota primarily through text and imagery. For example, in the bottom right corner, the Toyota logo can be seen, with the words, “Toyota” printed directly under it. This offers a sense of “visual verification” for the reader, and helps them recognize what Toyota even is. Chances are, even if they’ve never heard of the automotive giant, they’ve at least seen its logo on cars

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