The Privacy Of A Young Pregnant Teen

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Target not too long ago has conquered the privacy of a young pregnant teen, causing emotional stress to her parents, because they were unaware of her pregnancy. She started searching for baby-items online and Target assumed she was pregnant. So, they sent offers to her mailbox and her parents’ found out and eventually realized what their daughter has been up to. Target has unapologetically invaded the privacy of this young teen. It’s starting to become very common nowadays. We give Target the right to charge our cards, which contains confidential information about our credit histories, recent purchases, names, addresses, and phone-numbers. Target shouldn’t hold our personal information for public disclosure, because there’s a lack of consent, it’s unethical, illogical, invalid, and unprofessional. Target doesn’t have permission from their customers to hold onto personal information after business transaction are completed. What makes it even worse is that Target doesn’t even make an attempt to request it for further evaluation. Obviously, they won’t ask, because customers will implicitly understand why they want to hold onto their information which will result in denial of permission. So, they decide to invade their customers instead. However, it’s still better to request permission, instead of having the media expose you, because either way customers will find out. Requesting permission shows that you respect your customer’s rights to privacy. After asking, if a customer

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