The Privacy Of American Citizens

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Brandon Bates
Mr. LaSalle Instructor
English 1A
July 23, 2014
The Privacy of America The privacy of American citizens has been long debated ever since the N.S.A. was revealed to the public on what it was doing. Since then, American citizens have been arguing over what the N.S.A. should and shouldn 't be doing. This has lead to the government changing some things, but not everything and causing the American citizens to get upset and wonder what is and isn 't being watched. We go through on a daily basis wondering if our next phone call, that next email, our websites we browse and even our next text message is being monitored by the government and if it is will it get flagged as something they deem worthy of investigating into. This constant fear has us wondering what we should and shouldn 't be posting on various social media sites, taking pictures of or even talking about. By questioning what the N.S.A. is doing, we leave ourselves pondering what the government should do to adjust what control the N.S.A. should have, the activities it should be conducting, who they should be monitoring and what gets flagged as warranting further investigation. Many people believe that the N.S.A. should have restrictions placed on it that prevent it from having complete access to everything, in which if they are going to be able to access anything they want to they need to inform the public on what information they are going to get and how they use it as without this information being
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