The Privacy Of The 21st Amendment

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With all of our technology advances today, for example, drones, it is hard for the laws to keep up to date on what is legal and what is illegal. Our privacy is one of those things that technology is able to invade. With technology, it is getting easier and easier to invade people’s privacy and their personal data. People want to feel safe and secure if they want to share their data with others and not have to worry if someone is trying to steal the data. If people knew that there data is more secured and safe to tell other people then they would share their ideas about things more and not have to worry that someone will steal it. Some say that we should add privacy to the fourth amendment so people can’t invade their personal life or their…show more content…
They travel on public airways at low or high altitudes, undetected and with little or no undue noise, nuisance, or threat to persons or property.”(Koerner). People could be searching your house from above and you won’t even know it. The government won’t even need a warrant to search your house they can just use a drone and watch who leaves and comes to your house. They can also figure out when you’re gone and bring the drone down to the ground and look through your windows to see if there is anything strange or off. If they find something they could get a warrant and look right where that drone to a picture and bust people. Which they should not be able to do they could say that they are just doing a practice run or just testing out what they 're drone can do. There is no laws about using a drone searching your house from above and people can get out of trouble really quickly. They should be a law for people using drones to search people’s house from above. They should not just allow anyone to do that and be okay with that. That is invading the person 's privacy without a warrant and the people searching it can’t get in trouble for doing it because they can come up with an excuse and be perfectly fine. Drones are not the only way for people to invade our privacy. Hackers do that as well by hacking social media accounts, bank accounts, and etc... Hackers try to find out information that they
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