The Privacy Of The Hipaa Privacy Laws

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The Right to Keep It Hidden
Everyone hides behind a mask of what they want others to know, but when that mask is removed, the private information nobody wants leaked spills out. Until 2003, there was no mask protecting the confidentiality of peoples’ most private information, their private medical history. Before this time, patients had no right to protect their medical information, and no control over who could access it. The HIPAA Privacy Rule locked away the once open book of patients’ medical information in a safe solely controlled by the patient. This federal law, created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, became the “first federal healthcare information privacy law”, and addresses patients’ rights pertaining to their medical information (Solove 5). In order for patients to continue to have medical privacy and control over their medical records, the HIPAA Privacy Rule needs to remain a strongly enforced federal law.
The HIPAA Privacy Rule allows patients to be the dominant controller of their personal medical information by giving them the choice to limit the accessibility of their medical record to others, and the opportunity to obtain their medical record at any time (Solove 1). By giving the patient access to his or her personal medical record, he or she is able to become aware of what information is inside. This gives the patient the opportunity to address a mistake in the medical information with his or her doctor. If the doctor disagrees with the…
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