The Privacy Of The Mobile Phones

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Young people around their teen years are using the internet more than ever. They view the internet and even more so mobile phones as positive aspects of our society. The mobile phones system is one of the two biggest systems of communication which play a crucial role in our daily activities.But on the other hand these technologies are also used negativity.Throughout the essay i 'm going to talk about what it is,which gender is most at risk females or males,statistics, what kind of consequences it can have, and if there are any solutions? Cyberbullying can have a lot of consequences if you don’t stand up for yourself. People should care this topic because this poses a danger to those involved in social media.

Sometimes when we are
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A Lot of people may think that males are more likely to get bullied than females.‘’Bullying can happen anywhere like cities,suburbs or rural towns depending on the environment’’(U.S Department Of Health & Human Services). For example,this means that anywhere doesn’t matter where there can be bullies Gay and Lesbian kids are more at risk. Those people who are getting put down then can end up killing himself because of depression however,people who bully others do not need to be stronger or bigger than those they bully the power of imbalance can come from a number of source like popularity(Stop Bullying).children who are bullied have one or more of the following risk factors’’(U.S. Department Of Health & Human Services). This means that they may end up feeling depressed and anxious or have a low self esteem.Ultimately,this shows how females are highly to get bullied.

There are many people who commit suicide from cyber bullying based on research. According to cell phones and other mobile devices continue to be the most popular Technology utilized by adolescents with five of the top six’’(Patchin). This means that the use of cell phones and technology use can be a problem,However approximately 34% of students in our sample report experiencing cyberbullying in their lifetimes.About 21%of
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