The Private Eye By Brian K. Vaughan

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In the graphic novel, The Private Eye, by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, and Munsta Vicente, a society is depicted where people do not use advanced technology. In an event known as the ‘cloudburst’, a whole society has their personal information revealed. Due to the horrors of having no privacy, the people went into hiding for protection. Since the leaks of information came from using advanced technology, the people also decided to no longer use this type of material. This type of technology uses the Internet, which was also destroyed for personal safety. Now the people live in a society where libraries and books serve as forms of information. Due to the fact that the people did not have access to the Internet, they actually became more…show more content…
One of the side effects of technology is how all information is eventually scrambled and means something incredibly different than the original idea. Comparatively, ‘Telephone’, a popular children’s game, is where a child makes up a sentence and the sentence is passed by word of mouth in a circle. Once the sentence is back to the beginning, the children often laugh at how different the sentence is from the original. This is exactly what the advanced technology does. In the process of trying to understand the original message, advanced technology can make everything out to be a lot worse than it actually is. What once was an inspiring story about how to grow a vegetable can turn into a story about animal rights. With technology, information is moved around a lot faster, meaning there is a higher chance that something will be misunderstood in the middle. Everything that is put through technology is changed and altered. Correspondingly, a techno-pessimist believes that people should solve problems, “They do not have faith in ‘technological fixes’ to solve social problems, instead emphasizing moral or political solutions” (Techno-optimism versus Techno-pessimism). A techno-pessimist believes that problems should not be solved by technology. Technology will always use logical problem solving techniques. Humans will always include emotional connection to create solutions. Technology may miss vital information that only the human heart can process and find
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