The Private Sector

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1 Introduction
The main objective of the private sector is to earn profits and become a leading organization in their line of business. To enhance this objective, most of the private sectors have embraced technological advancements where business is operated online. E-business is one of the current advancements where a business can advertise, market and make sales through the Internet. The business has to share its information online to attract a large pool of potential customers. Most of the business websites operates on intranets and extranets. Customers can only gain access to business information through the extranet. Authorized users can access most of the crucial and confidential information of a business through the intranet via an encrypted link. Thus, the business can secure its confidential information and protect its customers.
2 General Business Goals
With the rising cases of cyber threats, businesses are at risk of losing their confidential information to unauthorized users. To deal with this menace, the lawmakers should address these issues through promoting the understanding of the risks associated with cybercrime. They should also be involve in acknowledging and addressing the cultural aspects of cybercrime as well as developing a collaborative approach towards an effective response to the menace (Boneh & Franklin, 2003). One such private sector is Amazon. Amazon is a private company in America that deals with electronic goods. The company was started as an
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