The Privatization Of Public Services

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Youness Elhamidi
PADM – 610
Public Management
Research Paper (Week 8)
Privatization of Public Services
Dr. Timothy Bagwell
Department of Public Administration
American Public University

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Youness Elhamidi, Department of Public Administration, American Public University.
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There two main means of providing and producing public services in the United States at the different levels of government. The first mode is knows as in-house production by direct government workforce and contracting out to the private sector, which we refer to as privatization.

Privatization in the United States mainly implies contracting out of public services to the public sector. Examples are local governments like the city or the county contracting out services like street cleaning, garbage pick up and a disposal, education, healthcare, etc.
During the last three decades, privatization has become increasingly popular in our government. This noticeable growth of privatization of public services has generated lots of discussions and debates among many scholars and left many of asking the questions.

In this paper, I will define privatization and explore different published articles that discuss contracting out to the
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