The Privilege Of Attending The Bush House Museum

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I had the privilege of attending the Bush House Museum here in Salem. I went on Sunday November 20, 2016 and wanted to go because the house was built in the Victorian era. I’ve always been quite intrigued with the Victorian era overall. That includes architecture, people, and the culture. The Bush House belonged to Asahel Bush II (1824-1913) became editor and publisher of The Oregon Statesman newspaper in 1851, and later served as state printer. He lived in the house with Eugenia Zieber Bush (1833-1863) and his four children, Estelle (1856- 1942), Asahel (1858-1953), Sally (1860-1946) and Eugenia (1862-1932). Later in 1863, Bush’s wife died at age 39 with Tuberculosis and so the children only lived with him after that while later moving forth with their own lives as adults. However, I have declined to provide a ticket due to this following reason: my good colleague, Karen Howard and I got lost trying to locate the Bush House Museum. We finally arrived at 1:20 and graciously waited for the tour guide to come to the door after we rang the bell. She came out and we explained to her that we lost our way in trying to find the house. We told her we intended to come for the 1pm tour. Thankfully, we did not have to wait for the 2pm tour and she took us right in. After, we finished the guided tour, she said we did not even need to come back and prove to her that we bought tickets, she said we simply needed to pay the admission price at the nearby art gallery. When we went to go

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