The Privilege Of Interpersonal Communication

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Throughout the years people have been given the privilege of interpersonal communication in many forms, such as letters, emails, texts, and social media. Letters were one of the very first mediums people used to communicate, and as the years went by technology improved, and emails were created. Emails served as a faster alternative for people in a business to contact someone else. Following that was the idea of text messaging, not only was it time efficient but also easier. That wasn’t the only thing connecting people all around the world though. Social media wasn’t the most popular to begin with, but as time went by, and it became more personal, people began to take a very big interest in it. Letters, emails, texts, and social media play a large role in people 's everyday life, and as the years have progressed the mediums of communication have evolved, as have the relationships of those who use them. Letters have been a main mode of communication since the times of ancient India and Egypt, and even further back depending on how letters are defined. Whether it be from messily scribbled information sent on tufts of materials, or the officially first sent message through a courier service, the written letter was the beginning in a long line of interpersonal communication. As stated by the New Oxford American Dictionary, the letter is defined as, “a written, typed, or printed communication, esp. one sent in an envelope by mail or messenger.” Though it is impossible to trace…
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