The Privilege Of White Privilege Essay

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Minorities are still fighting to be seen as equals and treated as human but people still think we have achieved equality today. It really is up to educators to teach children about white privilege and how it affects people. White privilege is something that white people benefit from just because of what they look like, but they have no control over it. This can range from having more opportunities for jobs to being more likely to have enough money to go to private school. I am focusing more on the idea that white people have these benefits and have the privilege to deny that such a divide exists. Being able to dismiss the idea of white privilege shows ignorance and can minimize the experiences of those who have suffered at the hands of white privilege. It can be a very touchy topic, especially in majority white schools, but it is something that needs to be addressed. Many people deny it exists because they were not properly educated on the issue. Unfortunately, this leads to the minimization of other racial injustices that many minorities face. Police brutality gets reduced to a few bad apples and slavery is just something that happened many years ago. I do not blame people who are uneducated about the topic, I blame the education systems in place, especially in private schools, that cater to the majority white student populations at these schools. This stems from the concern that parents will get upset that their children are getting blamed for the treatment of

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