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The Prize Deep Book Pitch The Prize, by Daniel Yergin, is an important book for me because it has to do with some of the biggest issues in the modern world: Oil, Money, and Power. This book was rated 4.37 out of 5 Based on 3,753 reviews on Goodreads. “Energy consultant Yergin limns oil 's central role in most of the wars and many international crises of the 20th century. A timely, information-packed, authoritative history of the petroleum industry, tracing its ramifications, national and geopolitical, to the present day.” - Publisher’s weekly. I will definitely be in my challenge zone while reading this book. I know this because I decided to
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The Prize Deep Book Review During the past three weeks I have been reading a book called The Prize, by Daniel Yergin. I decided to read this book because it traces the history of the oil and gas business dating back to the mid eighteen hundreds up to recent times. This book is important because oil production is one of the biggest economic issues around today. The Prize explains the fluctuations in the oil business beginning with Edward Drake 's first successful oil well in Pennsylvania, followed by Teddy Roosevelt 's anti-monopoly case against Standard Oil and finishes with the development of the oil industry in Saudi Arabia. The book starts off with the discovery of oil in America. When Americans started to use oil, they had to skim it off the top of ponds that had a crack in the rock below it. The crack allowed oil to leak through. These leaks were called oil springs. Skimming oil off the top of oil springs was very primitive and could only gather so much oil. At that time, the only use for oil was for a medicine that would cure headaches. One day, after being very ill, a man named George Bissell stopped in Pennsylvania to see the oil springs there. He was amazed. When he traveled back to his hometown of Dartmouth, he met a professor who had a bottle of oil on his desk. After getting into a conversation about oil with the professor, George found out that oil was flammable. The idea hit him, “Why couldn 't oil be used as an illuminant?” Prior to the discovery
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