The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power by Daniel Yergin

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Daniel Yergin is the chairman of Cambridge Energy Research Association and a highly respected individual in international politics, economics and power. Despite being a Pulitzer Prize Winner, he is also the recipient of the 1997 United State Energy Award for his achievement in power and the promotion of international understanding. He has written extensive accounts on the global changes towards political and economic destiny of the world since WWII. His book ‘The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power’ published in 1992, which depicted the turmoil in Russia’s move to a market economy became a hit such that it was made into an eight hour series and translated into twelve languages. Yergin is a member of the Board of the United States Energy Association, US Secretary of Energy’s Advisory Board and National Petroleum Council among others. He is a BA holder from Yale University and holds Ph.D. from Cambridge University among other honorary degrees.
Introduction: General overview
Oil over the course of humanity has been referred to as the lifeblood of the world's economy. Though it might be called an overestimate, oil is arguably the most critical non-human economic resource that is crucial for the progress and growth of the economy. In his book, Yergin illustrates the economic, societal, political as well as the geostrategic importance of oil in the growth of the world's economy. The book takes the reader through a path that retrieves the historical journey of oil from
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