The Prize : War And Oil

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Bonus Essay: The Prize: War and Oil Like in many wars in history, “money,” “power,” and “oil” were the primary resources for combat and defense. However, out of the three, oil was the most important resource, causing many to seek its presence. Oil was not only for getting the engine started but also for getting the war done thoroughly and keeping the economy running. During World War II, oil became even more of a necessity putting countries at war. However, most importantly, oil became the decisive factor that determined the unfortunate and successful results of desperate, oil-seeking countries. In Germany, Hitler’s demand for oil put many men to work. Several expressways, known as autobahns, were built for the finest automobiles. In fact, Hitler was intrigued by such automobiles and developed his vision of war using the new, efficient modern technology of automobiles. However, Hitler’s hope of “Germany on wheels” was not a promise. Germany did not really possess any of its own oil to power Germany’s showy automobiles or its necessary war machines. Because of their indigent amount of natural resources, German chemists, “the best in the world”, according to Germany and IG scientists, about two thousand barrels of artificial fuel were made daily. Like racecars, Hitler was in a “race” to get everything ready for war. Unfortunately, still in desperate need, Germany’s dependence on coal or the later replacement octane gasoline to keep things running was a costly process that
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