The Pro Voting Option On Nevada Ballots

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A notorious voting option on Nevada ballots is “none of these candidates”, but is this option valuable to electing a new politician? Maybe it is, maybe it is not. However, it could be a way for voters to show disapproval for both potential candidates. As many know, the 2016 presidential candidates were both hated to rather high degree. Many voters on both ends of the political spectrum voiced their dissent for the candidate that opposed who they favored, but there were also many voters who realized that both candidates were not worth voting for. Therefore, an option like “none of these candidates” would be the most appealing option and a gift from the political gods. On the other hand, some may perceive it as an irrelevant choice on the ballot that could be replaced with another candidate or not even appear on the ballot at all. Although expressing disapproval for potential candidates is readily provided by Nevada elections, the unique option of “none of these candidates” may be a rather useless choice in a tight election and removal or reform of this choice should be considered for the sake of future elections. The “none of these candidates” option has been around on Nevada ballots for a quite a while with some sources dating it back to 1975 (Brown, 2011). The legislators that were responsible for this change hoped that it would be a way for voters to express their disapproval instead of not voting at all (Brown, 2011; Bowers, 2006). Furthermore, Brown writes:…
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