The Probation Officer And Offender Role

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The Probation Officer and Offender role has been widely examined, specifically in regards to the effective management of risk (McNeill, 2009, NOMS 2010). Within this, it is recognised that the relationship between these individuals is paramount to the effective management of risk and offending behaviour. There have been numerous working practices introduced throughout the years within the Probation Service to identify effective working practices including the Effective Practice Principles and latterly, Skills for Effective Engagement, Development and Supervision known by the acronym SEEDS (Rex & Hosking, 2013). Whilst these have greatly influenced the work being undertaken by Probation practitioners, the management of risk of…show more content…
BP is unable to work as a result of injuries sustained to his left leg and hand through previous violent acts. Additional to this, BP is an alcohol dependent individual who has been in relapse for approximately 12 months. BP is subject to an Indeterminate Public Protection (IPP) life licence for the offence of Wounding with Intent. This offence occurred in 2005, at a time when his alcohol consumption as at its heaviest and was “sofa surfing” with associates he met as previous supported accommodation sourced through the Salvation Army. The circumstances of the offence were that BP and his associate had been drinking constantly throughout the day in the victim’s flat and that an argument broke out over the level of music being played by BP. Feeling aggrieved by this, BP asked the victim to step outside for a fight. As a result of BP feeling ignored by the victim through the nil response, BP took the knife that he was holding and lunged towards the victim stabbing him in the neck before dragging the knife downwards on the neck. Subsequently, BP tried to stab the victim in the chin before retreating and apologising. In reviewing BP’s antecedents he has 28 convictions for 48 separate offences. Pertinent to the index offence are those committed in 1980 for section 47 assault, breach of the peace numerous times between 1981 and 1995, possession of a bladed article in a public place in 1997 and a further section 47 assault in 1998.
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