The Problem Among Kids Toys

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The Problem Among Kids Toys Having grown up with two brothers I was always around toys such as action figures and toy guns. I did not have a sister to play with, so I usually played with my brothers. When I played with them, I started to question why all of their toys were just for boys. Why was there not any women action figures or ones with feminine colors? Gender-stereotyped toys are prohibiting children from a range of skills. Kids preferences are cultured. This means they learn which colors go with each gender. Their preference is not innate, therefore gender neutral toys will not amount to them if this preference is learned early.
When you enter any store that has a children’s toy aisle, you automatically figure out which side is for boys and which side is for girls. On the girls’ side, you generally see lots of pink and purple, and glitter too. Blues and greens, as well as many other dark colors, fill the boy’s side of the aisle. The division of this aisle and the colors associated with male or female toys is known as the idea of gender-stereotyped toys.
It is unnecessary for the gender to be associated with children’s toys. Gender-stereotyping is an issue occurring all around the world. It is in almost every store that has a children’s toy section. It can also be in the children’s bedding section, children’s clothing section, children’s sporting section. All of these sections have gender-stereotyping in them. In the toy aisle, you will find girls toys which

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