The Problem And It 's Background Essay

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Chapter 1 The Problem and It’s Background Introduction We are facing everyday lives with problems and struggles. We may often use some abilities that we’ve learned in our higher education experiences, we also often use some basic strategies and knowledge in applying solutions in every problem. As an educator, we must be flexible and proactive in making decisions especially to those students that needs immediate response in their problem. Decision making, ranging from deciding whether you’re going to exert effort in doing your work or simply to finish your work and submit it on the time given. Good decision making is one of the factors that we teachers must attain. Good decision making makes the teachers a good agent of learning to students and good decision making makes the teachers more effective in teaching-learning processes. We often think before we decide. Although in some cases, we make snap decisions maybe because of factors that affect our abilities to decide on a choice. Likewise, if we encountered a problem in teaching whereas the solution is a making a decision that can somehow affect you and your students but because of a factor, like time constraints, you need to decide fast. Do you still think of it critically and analyze each of the choices you have or not? It is also common knowledge that when you are a critical thinker, you have a wide range of subjective analysis to things and tend to think in a more systematic and precise perspective. You oversee things
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