The Problem. Cyberbullying Is An Unforeseen Consequence

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The Problem

Cyberbullying is an unforeseen consequence of the rapid increase of children’s use of technology. Cyberbullying is a specific kind of harassment that takes place on an electric device i.e. computers, smartphones, and tablets. The aggressor will use communication tools like email, texts, and chat rooms, as well as social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Online harassment is different from a regular bullying because it is something that can happen twenty-four hours a day, it has no limits. Another reason why this type harassment is an issue is that it can happen anonymously, which makes its origins hard to trace. Children can sometimes be affected negatively by these bullies. These affects are
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However, because there are no federal regulations that make it mandatory for schools to have cyberbullying curriculum, or guidance for educators, the school and community are left with the task of educating the students and staff about cyber harassment. Even without mandates teachers and administrative staff are able to explain to the students about the harm caused by cyberbullying. Some of the tools educators can use are presentations, discussions, art projects, research, and peer meetings. Teacher and clerical staff can also be trained on how to spot a bully, and what route to take to correct the behavior. Parents should also be educated on the regulations set in place by the school about cyberbullying so they are prepared for it at home.

The first step in shutting down cyberbullying when it starts, is for the child to be comfortable enough to trust the adult with the situation. Once trust is established between the parent or educator and the child, the reporting of the online harassment can occur. The first step in reporting is to not respond to the attacker, keep all the evidence that the bullying occurred, i.e. pictures or screen shots of text message. The next step is to block the bullying, which most apps and websites have these days. The next step is evaluating who it needs to be reported to. Most social media websites have terms and conditions of use that can cyberbullying violates. Getting in touch with the online
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