The Problem Distracted Driving Creates

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Introduction Attention Getter: Volkswagen Eyes on Road Cinema Stunt/Shocking Danger of Texting and Driving Video (60 Seconds) So as long as I’ve been driving I’ve always recalled my mother’s voice saying, “Don’t drink and drive. Sleep at a friend’s house or pay for a taxi. Don’t Do It echoing in the back of my head.” So imagine my surprise when I found out that “driver distraction is actually more important now than critical crash factors such as fatigue, drug ingestion and alcohol intoxication”. According to John Lee, author of Driver Distraction and Inattention: Advances in Research and Countermeasures, “Road vehicle crashes are predicted to become the third largest cause of death and injury globally by 2020”. Topic Revelation Statement: Today I’m here urging you to stop driving distracted and realize its plausible risks. Review of Main Points: First, I will discuss the problem distracted driving creates. Then I will review the few of many causes. And finally I will discuss the easy solutions available to fix this dilemma. Significant Statement: First, I want you all to know, that I text while driving. I’ve checked my bank account and even surf the web while waiting for the light to turn red. And yet I will still honk at the idiot in front of me who’s not paying attention because he’s texting. Hypocrite you might be thinking. Yea I know. So let me correct myself, I used to text while driving. About a year ago I got a ticket for texting while operating a motor vehicle.

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