The Problem Faced By Gym Management Essay

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A. (1)The problem found in the health gym located in mankau Auckland which was recently opened is that owner is storing all its information of the members in rolodex file and then later information is transferred to computer or spreadsheets manually. There is wastage of time as the process of transferring data is time consuming, there is no security as data can be misplaced, accuracy can be another problem faced by gym management while transferring data as error can occur while transferring data from the file, concurrency only one person can use data from file at one time so concurrency is another problem, and backup once file lost data is never recovered and it require a lot of storage space and high cost is involved in storage and paper. (2) Steps involved in the project scope are Understanding the problem the first and foremost step in the project scope are understanding the problem what is the problem being faced by the gym management and what are the uncomfortable zones and try to figure out problems and its results. 2. Second step is to slow down and dedicate the time up front to thing what should be done so that data sharing can be a smooth process. Start small develop application or implement it to small area to see its results so start small if successful then implement it to full area. Embrace conflict try to meet and solve problems in the project and meet the specific requirement of the project and solve it. Application and project scope should be such that it

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