The Problem Faced By The Student Run Clinic

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The problem faced by the student run clinic called Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative (BPSHI), which is a non-profit organization is to have an affordable yet reliable system that can further expand on the free health awareness provided. One such way that can further expand on the health assistance is the transition of older traditional paper medical record to an electronic record system (EMR). However, there are a number of sub-problems that needs to be addressed when implementing the transition, which are: a proper EMR application, work force, and analysis skills not limited to time and cost. In simpler words, the problem faced is mainly the lack of a proper way to implement EMR. There is privacy right over one’s health information; despite what form is used paper or electronic. Therefore, a crucial factor to consider while analyzing the problem is the requirement of keeping the medical information both private and protected. In order to follow HIPAA guidelines, proper training needs to be implemented before data entering the patient’s medical into the system (Rodriguuez, 2011). Additionally, another factor that could potentially cause hindrance in the transition process for medical records is: further sub-diving the workload needed to manually transfer the paper records into EMR such as data entering, compliance monitoring, and administrating. Lastly, implement the best application for EMR that is not only cost efficient but also user friendly as well. In order to
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