The Problem For Electric Alternatives

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company is referring to as a trip planner. This piece of technology allows the vehicle to communicate with charging station in the nearby area in an effort to make sure the driver never runs out of battery. The trip planner will alert the driver when and where the vehicle should be charged so that it does not die before reaching a charging station (Davies, 2015). The perception problem for electric alternatives is one of the largest issues preventing it from becoming a star. A 200 mile range allows for plenty of driving, but consumers are weary to transition due to the perceived lack of infrastructure. Another alternative to fossil fuel comes in the form of natural gas. The scientific journal labeled A Natural State, extrapolates on…show more content…
The natural gas alternative aids in the contribution in reducing the United States reliance on foreign oil and has the potential to become a star if more resources are focused into this technology for consumer based vehicles. A company by the name of Air Liquide, recently stated that in collaboration with Toyota, an entirely integrated hydrogen fueling framework would be implemented in the United States (Fuel Cells Bulletin, 2014).Toyota is involved with the project due to the recent release of the Mirai model which runs on hydrogen. “Hydrogen has great potential to provide clean energy. Used in the fuel cell, hydrogen combines with oxygen from the air to produce electricity, with water as the only by-product” (Fuel Cells Bulletin, 2014). The Mirai is the turning point for the automotive sector according to Wardlaw. The vehicle had more than twenty years of research and development prior to its release. The author argues that the technology is here and ready for mass consumption, but that the only piece missing is the infrastructure (Wardlaw, 2015). In response to the issues with infrastructure, Toyota has opened up its patents on the technology as a means of increasing collaboration with hydrogen technology (Fuel Cells Bulletin, 2014). By eliminating the boundaries that patents create, the industry can increase expansion and progress forward more
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