The Problem Identified:. Every Day People Are Faced With

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The Problem Identified: Every day people are faced with images of violence, but few people notice that women are disproportionately affected. Women are frequently victims of gender based violence, “violence that is directed against a person on the basis of gender” (MuJER Guatemala). While gender violence is prominent in much of Latin America, in Guatemala it has become an epidemic with 1-2 women being murdered every day (MuJER Guatemala). Overall, Guatemala has the third highest rate of femicide, which is defined as the “systematic killing of women (MuJER Guatemala). Women are being targeted and harmed in mass numbers. From a quote attained by Eduardo Jiménez Mayo, “‘more than seven hundred women, mostly from poor families, [had] been…show more content…
These years of war related violence also spread to acts of violence against women. For instance, were routine and systematic-part of soldiers’ instructions’” (La Violencia). Therefore, violence against women is unfortunately a part of Guatemala’s history. The violence women in Guatemala encounter is still rampant today and women, in some sense, are just as helpless as they were in the past. First, a lot of instances of gender violence are not reported. Even though it is the “most reported crime in Guatemala,” many occurrences go unreported (MuJER Guatemala). An estimated 400,000 incidences of gender based violence occur in Guatemala, with only 40,000 being reported (MuJER Guatemala). However, of the few that are reported, even less end in the perpetrator being prosecuted. Only two percent of perpetrators of femicide are prosecuted (MuJER Guatemala). Some of the lack of criminal justice can be explained by the Guatemalan justice system. The Guatemalan justice system changed to an adversarial justice system in 1994 (US Embassy). Because of the still recent change,
Many Guatemalan lawyers are not yet accustomed to the new system of trial practice, and procedures for the introduction of evidence and the conduct of the trial are relatively undeveloped. Moreover, the Guatemalan government lacks the resources to conduct criminal investigations and trials to the standard common in the United States.

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