The Problem Of A Crisis Management Specialist

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Chemistré and Phaust, both should have had a Public Relations specialist among their management team in order to guide them in handling the issue in question. A crisis management specialist would help the organization strategically respond to negative situations and to dialog with stakeholders affected by perceived and actual consequences of crisis (Broom & Sha, 2013, p. 16). The stakeholders affected in this crisis are Chemistré, Phaust, the management team, Fred, and family members of Manuel. Chemistré and Phaust are the major stakeholders in this situation because it is their respective companies’ valuable reputations that are in line. Legal liability and negligent failure to plan for such a crisis are what brings both companies into major chaos.
During the Phaust Management’s presentation in the public hearing, an ethical responsibility that fell on the actual Phaust management group (i.e., Chuck and Wally) was presented. From the management’s perspective, Chuck and Wally had to have their ethical values put in question. In reference to their role responsibility – roles that delineate the obligations individuals create when they commit to a social or professional role (Frey) – Chuck and Wally had a major loyalty for Phaust, and in turn for Chemistré. If they were asked to cut their budgest by 20%, Chuck and Wally were going to act accordingly to what their superiors were asking of them. In not complying with their superiors’ wishes, Phaust Company would have been…
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