The Problem Of A Healthcare Worker

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Introduction Mr. Jones is constantly calling you for different things. It seems no matter what you do, he is not happy. You cannot seem to satisfy him or connect with him. When he does talk to you, he is rude and demanding. You feel anger, frustration, and exhaustion after caring for him. Has this ever happened to you? How did you handle the situation? As a healthcare worker, we take pride in helping other people. It is not always easy to help people who may display rude or intimidating behavior toward you. Learning to connect and work with people who are difficult takes time and patience. Difficult people display undesirable behaviors, including arguing the same point over and over again and choosing their own interests over what is…show more content…
The patient may feel that other people are not listening to their concerns or not giving them enough care. There are many other reasons people can be difficult including (2): 1. Mental illness that affects their ability to cope with daily activities. 2. Substance abuse that interferes with their ability to cope with current situations. 3. Disease processes that limit their ability to do what they want to do. 4. Life crises that create stress and people tend to lash out. 5. Poor coping or social skills. 6. Poor ability to solve problems. 7. Personality problems that interferes with their ability to communicate appropriately. 8. Social or financial difficulties that create stress on a daily basis. In many cases, a person may be difficult if they are currently living through a difficult or troubling situation (2). Difficult or challenging behaviors may be related to a breakdown in communication or a misunderstanding. It is important to keep cultural differences in mind. What may be acceptable to say or do in one culture may not be so acceptable to another culture (2). Is the patient or co-worker really being difficult or can it be your emotions (2)? Consider how you feel caring for a patient who has very different feelings about health practices than you do. How do you feel about a patient who has drug abuse issues, anger issues, or hygiene issues? Sometimes differences in lifestyles can make it harder for you to accept another individual. It is
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