The Problem Of A Kidney Transplant

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People go through many tough things in their life, and they do not know how to get through them. I am one of those people, I have been through many medical situations. Some of the medical situations have been tough. Something’s have been worse than others, and no child should have to go through what I had to at the age of seven. They would use weird terminology like “Clamps, Forceps, and Scissors” which are all instruments to help with surgery. People think that a transplant is small and not that bad. It can affect anyone no matter what age and who you are. In my whole life I have had a lot of health problems, my Kidney Transplant is has been the biggest health problem in my life. In my opinion a Kidney Transplant is a painful and major…show more content…
Then my mom decided we will try one more doctor. So that is what we did and he did like all the other doctor did let’s try this, but one thing he did differently, he referred us to one doctor that may be able to help us with what we needed, which were answers. We ended up trying to see what he had to say which was a very good idea for us to do. He had asked my mom if we have ever had my kidneys check and of course we said “No why would we do that, they told us it can’t be his kidneys.” after many conversation with him he told use to check University of Michigan Hospital. So we scheduled an appointment for University of Michigan Hospital. A week had went by, it was time for my big appointment at The University of Michigan Hospital. I was very scared that day, I was not expecting what was about to happen. After doing new test and blood work we finally had an answer. I tested positive for Kidney failure. They diagnosed me with instagelniferitus mostly known as chronic kidney diseases. It was a very sad day for us as a family, my mom and dad could not believe what had just happened, they felt like they were very helpless, which they were not at all. After all that I gone through it ended up being my kidneys failing. If it was not for one doctor I would not be here today to tell you what I had experienced. We did have to do more test but the only reason was because we needed to find out who would be the better match
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