The Problem Of A Program Funding For Public Services

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There is a crisis in California today creating a stalemate in decision making and solving of any problems the state faces. There are so many problems and so many solutions, that no progress can be made properly without conflicting interestests and opinions pausing any headway that might have been made. Most people believe that California is stuck where it is because of rules and regulations that are great on their own, but terrible when combined. The result of this crisis is a downwards spiral towards lower funding for public services and a seemingly insurmountable problem with budgeting. Some changes have been made to help the budget, but they still aren 't enough due to the many elements that cause this crisis to be so complicated. The element that causes a program funding to go down is the fact that a two thirds majority is required for any increase in taxes to occur. This is with every member, not just those that are present and voting. While in the past, this has not posed as great of a problem, currenty the majority of the Republican Party are against any tax increases, creating a deadlock where no tax can be increased due to no way to get a two thirds majority in a vote. The problem with the lack of tax increase, though, is that the burden of the state budgeting crisis ends up effecting lower income residents that rely on public services. In 2012, a Democratic supermajority of seats were won, meaning they could finally raise taxes wihtout any Republican support.…
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