The Problem Of A Relapse

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A relapse is probably one of the worst feelings someone could have because of all the negative emotions that come with it. When someone relapses it is often seen as a failure to them and an incredible sense of guilt, “it’s normal to feel guilty that you weren’t able to keep up with your recovery, shame that you’ve let others – and you – down” (Facing Yourself After Relapse). These negative emotions come up because so much effort has been made to not make these mistakes, but addiction is not an easy thing to overcome. The third scene of the video starts with Noodle hiding in the partially destroyed windmill. The helicopters attack has ceased at this point, so she leaves her hiding spot to get an idea of how the island’s condition has been…show more content…
In the fourth scene of the video the helicopters come back for a second attack, representing the addicted using right after the initial slip up. What causes this assault is the mindset of not being able to recover from the first use of the drug. Instead of treating the first use of the drug as a moment to learn from one’s mistakes and move on with recovery; the error is viewed as the end of recovery and a complete relapse occurs, “For others, that first drink is the start of a major slide into total relapse” (Relapse). The negative emotions get the best of the addict and they begin to use again in order to cope. The video does a very good job at representing this visually. Previously stated the first attack seems to come out of nowhere since it is not known where the helicopters come from. This attack on the other hand is different; the helicopters are circling the island the entire time after the first attack. By circling it is evident that this assault is not coming out of nowhere, but rather from the addict 's own mind and emotions. The first use of the drug can be unpredictable; possibly occurring by attending a party or hanging out with friends who also use the drug. The second round comes from the recovering addict to decide to go against his or her treatment and use again causing a full blown relapse. Once this happens the user goes back to old habits and erases all their progress
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